Friday, February 19, 2010

Reasons I Enjoy Fridays...

I was feeling a little down this morning, so I thought I would cheer me up
by reminding myself of the top reasons why I enjoy Fridays:

1. It is almost the weekend. We all look forward to weekends. But who doesn't? It's the time to exhale.
2. Home cooked meals. I eat mostly TV dinners and Sandwiches most days of the week. Friday is the one day that I get to enjoy a real home cooked meal.
3. Payday! OK, well, not really every Friday, more like every other Friday.
But it just so happens that I got my pay stub as I started this post, so why not?!
4. Late night tonight. I am off on Saturdays so I get to stay up late tonight. I will probably spend most of the time in front of the computer surfing the net and playing Farmville and ignoring my husband's request to let him use the computer, but still.

So c'mon. Say it with me, you know you wanna. I love Fridays!
Happy Weekend everyone!


deandean said...


there. I said it.

i like your style..and the design of your site. really!

deandean said...


Sha said...

Thanks for stopping by deandean!

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