Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking Control

The Lenten Season officially started yesterday (Wednesday at midday). For all of those who observe it, it's time for prayer (although this should always be a given any time of the year), penance, abstinence and self-denial. For me, it marks the beginning of a new way of living my life.

Since I am in the process of re-inventing myself, I begin to ponder what earthly desires I am willing to give up.

For the last thirty two years, I allowed myself to get wrapped up in the thought of acquiring tangible things to bring me happiness (or so I thought). Most of what I wanted, I got. But it left a noticeable void that up to this day have never been filled. So I vowed to make some drastic changes in the way I look at my life. In the past, I have taken for granted a lot of the things (and people) I have around me. My days went by like a blur, I failed to notice what was right there in front of me because I was too focused on getting what I wanted. I walked through the clearest path as it was the safest, and fastest way to get to the other side. I arrived unscathed, but when asked how, I had no story to tell. No adventures to share.

So today I will step back. I will stop and smell the flowers.

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deandean said...

me too i guess...i can relate to your post but you just said it much better.

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