Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Girls

One day in 1985, two little girls found themselves under a mango tree. They began trading stories and fantasies of their lives in the future. They started dreaming of their Prince Charming and their little prince and princesses running around the courtyard of their castles. They talked about growing old side by side. One a successful lawyer taking on giant corporations as clients, the other, a celebrated doctor, sought after by the mothers of the owners of the giant corporations. 1985. A time of innocence. Both believed in fairy tales and happily ever afters.

Two decades passed and both were entangled in the complicated reality of adulthood. The lawyer-to-be gave birth to a beautiful daughter, within days of receiving her Pre-Law Diploma. And although she never continued on to Law, she became the pride of the town as she touched the lives of the people around her. She was her mother's strength, and her daughter's hero. On the other hand, the doctor-to-be ventured miles away from home, and into the Wild West. She traded her flip flops for winter boots, and her tees for turtle necks. She learned to wear a tuque instead of a straw hat. She weaved from jobs to jobs to jobs, hoping to land the perfect one. She braved a new culture, but struggled to fit in.

Two years after, they met again. Restrengthened the bond that they always had. Memories of their youth, almost half-forgotten. They sat in the corner of a crowded coffee shop, swapped stories of what has and what nots. They recognized how much time had flown and how different their lives have been. They were miles apart, but truth be told, they knew in their hearts they will always be those two, dreamy little girls under the mango tree.

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deandean said...

well written. a post with a heart. I'm so glad there are still people like you who thinks dreaming like the two girls in your story did is indeed real...and if i might add: it's a good thing.

have a nice day friend.

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