Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Coming of Spring

It made my day. I heard the rustle of the fragile branches as the wind blew. I think the tree in front of the house is almost ready for the first budding leaf. I can't tell for sure, I'm too small, the tree has grown to be really tall. The wind is still a little bit on the cool side, but not as bad as the wintery chill anymore. I can now see the pavement under the thinning ice. The pile of snow on our tiny yard is gone too, and I thought some shade of greenery are starting to peak. Or was I just imagining it?

The day is getting longer too. I don't dread finishing at six in the evening anymore because when I come out, I can still see the light. And that is really nice.

I love that I am now able to go for long walks along the river again, without the fear of hypothermia. The city has made some significant changes on the path too, which is really cool. And to top it all off, we've recently adopted a beautiful 4 month old Malshi (Maltese and Shih Tzu mix), so he's been a very good motivation for me to go and enjoy the outdoors.

Spring brings a lot of cheer to everyone, I noticed. People on the streets are a lot friendlier. They are smiling more now. The park nearby is again filled with kids running around, and parents merrily chatting with each other. Always a joy to watch.

It doesn't officially start until Saturday, but already, Spring has sprang in the neighborhood.

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deandean said...

and where is home? I always thought you were somewhere in the Philippines until you posted about winter and spring and stuff...

you write know that? of course you do.But if you didn't, now you know.

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